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Fort Macquarie to Pyrmont or Ryde

We swing to our right and enter Quay Street passing Her Majesty's Theatre, heading towards the Markets, upon reaching Ultimo St, we swing around then curve to left, passing under the railway line leading to Sydney Yards, and meet Harris St, by a trailing Junction, a right turn into Harris St, and its straight running, past the entrance to Ultimo Depot and on to the next junction on the line, that of Miller St,the line straight ahead traversing the final part of Harris St as far as John St. where it terminates. The line turning left continues a downhill run to the corner of Bank St where it turns left and heads towards and over Glebe Island Bridge,(now replaced by the Anzac Bridge) as we approach the Bridge the traffic lights turn Amber then Red. We stop and wait as the bridge swings open to allow one of Miller's colliers to pass through enroute to its berth adjacent to Pyrmont Bridge Rd. Once the collier has passed under the bridge it resumes it slow swing to the closed position, the lights turn green and once again we are on our way. We wind our way along the forbidding cliff face on our right, as we follow Victoria Rd to its junction with The Cresent. Here we are joined by the tracks coming from the direction of the city via Rozelle Depot. Travelling up victoria Rd we pass through the junction at White Bay Power Station ash sidings road and continue following Victoria Rd through Drummonye, Gladesville and on to Ryde.

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