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Circular Quay to Coogee

A ride on the Coogee Beach Line.

Well here are, seated in the front compartment of an "P" class tram, at the corner of Young and Alfred Sts., Circular Quay, waiting for departure time, our destination is Coogee Beach. Departure time arrives, the driver applies power and we swing around the corner into Alfred St for a short time,passing in front of the Goldsborough Mort Wharehouse before agian swinging right into Phillip St., where we climb the hill and after reaching Bridge St, we see the up tracks where they enter Bridge St before turning into Young St.We travel down the phillip St to it intersection with Hunter St., (since built over by the State Office Block) where we turn right, travelling to Elizabeth St., where we swing left (at this point if you were to look left towards the Wentworth Hotel, you would notice the curve of the road taking shape, it was planned for trams to traverse this section of Elizabeth St.,, but the services were discontinued before this could happen), travelling down Elizabeth St, we cross Martin Place, King St,arriving at Market St., the end of the 1st section. Leaving this stop we continue along Elizabeth St.,until we reach Liverpool St., where we turn left and travel along this street until we reach Taylor's Square the end of the 2nd section, at this point we swing into Flinders St.,which we travel on until swinging, at the junction of Anzac Pde and Moore St. onto a ballast section along the front of the Sydney Showground (now Fox Studios). This ballast section continues parallel to Anzac Pde,passing a large Meal Room at "Rob (Robertson) Rd"where arrive at a junction ROB Rd here the tracks diverge one branch leading to Coogee and the other to Anzac Pde until we reach Alison Rd., where we (still on ballast track follow Alison Rd) until its intersection with Darley Rd. At this point we rejoin the normal roadway and follow King St to its junction with Prince St., which is followed until we again join ballast track for the climb to corner of Alison and Belmore Rds. We follow Belmore Rd to the "Spot" (the corner of Belmore and Coogee Bay Rd). At this point we turn left, following Coogee bay Rd to Dudley St, where we swing right before swing left into Carr St., once in Carrr St., we travel a short distance before once again entering a Tram only ballast section, which wound down under Brook St., before emerging into Arden St, just above the Hotel Coogee, we continue along Arden St, until about the vicinity of Dolphin St., we again enter a ballast section comprising a looped section of track, this being the Coogee Beach terminus. The return journey is of course as for the outward (down journey) except when travelling North on Phillip St we swing left into Bridge St. swing right into Young St.

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