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Fort Macquarie to Balmain/Lilyfield

Swinging to our right we enter Derwent Street which is followed briefly, before turning into Catherine St., then into Mt Vernon St, where at the Town Hall we turn to the left into St.Johns Rd., which is followed until the intersection of Ross St., where, via a trailing junction we continue to the Bridge Rd intersection, crossing this intersection, we leave Ross St by swinging onto ballast track, which follows the route of the present Minogue Cres. This ballast track continued alongside of the Harold Park Raceway until at Epping Jct was reached, this was the junction for trams to   Lilyfield and Balmain trams would curve onto further ballast track before reaching Rozelle Depot Jct, at this point a bridge is crossed over the stormwater channel and at Rose St., the tracks again are in the normal roadway. The Crescent is now followed passing under the Metropolitan Goods Line, before swinging to the right over a Tramway only bridge onto that part of the Crescent that leads to White Bay Jct., however before reaching the junction we cross over a railway line leading from the goods yard to the wharves, having stopped to allow a shunting train conveying explosives as well as goods to cross. Upon reaching White Bay Jct., we join by trailing points the line from Pyrmont used by the Drummonye, Gladesville and Ryde service, travelling up Victoria Rd we pass through a facing junction leading to the White Bay Power Station ash pits.(White Bay Power Station's original use was to supply power to the Railway and Tramway systems.). We continue up Victoria Rd until reaching Rozelle Junction, here we are diverted off the straight line , leading to Drummonye and points beyond, making a right hand turn to join, via a trailing point the Darling St., Wharf - Canterbury Line, following this line we arrive at Balmain Town Hall, where again we come upon another facing point junction, for, here the trams to Birchgrove divert. However as we are bound this trip for Balmain we continue until reaching the intersection of Darling St and Nicholson St., where we terminate, as being in an "O" class we cannot traverse the downhill section to Darling St Wharf, due to the gradient, here as at Leichhardt we wait on the down track before crossing to the up line to return to the city.

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