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Welcome to Rozelle Depot.

Rozelle depot, located adjacent to the Harold Park Raceway was in existence as an operational depot from  17/04/1904 to 22/11/1958. It provided trams for services on the

Fort Macquarie to Haberfield,Fivedock and Abbottsford.

Fort Macquarie to Lilyfield. (see tour)

Fort Macquarie to Leichhardt. (see tour)

Fort Macquarie to Birchgrove and Balmain. (see tour)

Fort Macquarie to Drummonye via Forest Lodge.

Railway to Balmain via Pyrmont. (see tour)

This depot consisted of a 25 road shed, the building can still be seen today nestled alongside Harold Park. Entry to the depot was controlled from a signal box located adjacent to a substantial waiting room, this of course being one of the many staff changeover points,others being located at Ross Street Forest Lodge and Rozelle Jct.
With the closing of Ultimo depot on 27/06/1953 it received 'R' and 'R1' class trams to supplement its fleet of 'O' class cars,these being for operation on the Darling St Wharf to Canterbury line,as these were the only cars permitted to use the 'dummy'on the grade to the wharf,this line continuing until 20/11/1954.

Join the tram at
Fort Macquarie.
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